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Lancaster 200mm holesaw

  • Item Name: Lancaster 200mm holesaw
  • Category: Power & Electrical Supplies
  • Brand: Lancaster
  • Price: 57$ (92$)
  • Discount: 35% Off
    • Lancaster 200mm holesaw at Wholesale Rate

      As a leading holesaw supplier New Zealand, AGM exists to provide high quality Lancaster 200mm holesaw products that satisfy the end user. Being a provider of holesaw supplier New Zealand, AGM takes into account all the minor details of Lancaster 200mm holesaw products. We provide guarantee that our holesaw products will be up to the mark and free from defects. Before Lancaster 200mm holesaw products for delivery, we check each and everything. This is a security check carried out to ensure that the holesaw product meets all standards. With AGM you will get only the best. The company itself takes responsibility for the Lancaster 200mm holesaw products therefore ensuring perfection. AGM has been in the electrical supply business for quite some time and later became a leading Lancaster 200mm holesaw supplier New Zealand. Over the years AGM has introduced wide variety of electricity supplies including holesaw. All accessories relating to the Power & Electrical Supplies are available at AGM.

      35% Off Lancaster 200mm holesaw – AGM Electrical Wholesaler

      We have been providers of electricity supplies for wholesalers, retailers and households for a long time now. We provide complete Lancaster 200mm holesaw energy solutions eradicating the need for you to go anywhere else. We don’t only sell our holesaw products in the region we operate in but our products are available for everyone. AGM, being a holesaw supplier New Zealand, is investing in research and development to come up with further economical electrical solutions. We have a wide range of holesaw products on boards that can be purchased online. The Power & Electrical Supplies products we provide are available in different colors and models. We keep adding Lancaster 200mm holesaw products of different designs to add variety to our range. We pay attention to detail on our holesaw products and make them the right choice. AGM provides affordable electricity supplies that are a need for the end user. We understand the need of electricity in today’s time and the costs that come with it. Providing economical solutions is part of our aim.

      holesaw Product Description

      Item Number: LHS200
      Brand: LANCASTER
      Description: LANCASTER M42 BI-METAL HOLESAW 200mm

      Product Features

      • M42 Grade Steel Holesaws
      • 8% Cobalt
      • Variable Pitch
      • Industrial Quality
      • Suitable for wood, plastics, cast iron, brass, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, MDF, particle board, mild steel and more

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